White Out and Sticky Tabs

If it didn’t feel real before, it does now!

We printed out some of the adoption paperwork last night and Clay and I began tackling it today. I knew it took courage and a calling and lots of love to adopt.

I didn’t realize the need for lots of sticky tabs and white out.

I am not a good form-filler-outer. I write too fast (hmmm, could be linked to my talking genes) and don’t always look first to see if a) it needs a notary or b) I’m writing in the right box or c) which birth date goes with which child. Thankfully, I found the white out, and some colorful paper clips to boot. The pages are now bristling with sticky tabs, places Clay needs to sign or read or we need to figure out together. It feels good to be doing something, anything that brings us closer to this child.

3 Responses to “White Out and Sticky Tabs”

  1. Leslie (little sis)

    Wow Meredith! That looks like something at moms house with all those sticky tabs! I’m excited that things are moving forward, one of the many avenues you will take to find this little girl.

  2. Mom

    Mer, I am so proud! What an amazing display of sticky notes! 🙂 Next, you will be keeping a sticky note pad in your bathroom drawer with a pen and there will be stickies stuck to your mirror! When this new little one is old enough, I’ll give her a pad of sticky notes too! The tradition must live on! 🙂

  3. Lindsey Lane

    Ok, Mere…You are in my rss feed mail box so now I can go on the journey with you wherever you go…looking forward to it.


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