I can cater presentations, both in person or virtual, to students, educators, librarians, other writers, and anyone who loves a good story. See below for presentations that appeal to various ages and needs, click here to see fee schedule and/or book a visit through Scholastic, or contact me directly through my contact page.

Chance Comes Once

Ideal for elementary school grades, I’ll share Rebeka’s story to help kids recognize the moments when they have one chance to change their life (or the life of someone else). We can be “strong like butterflies,” strong like Rebeka, even if our stories aren’t as dramatic as hers. I’ll also talk about symbolism, explaining how we chose the butterfly and why.

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The Power of Kindness

Borrowing from Aesop’s message, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted,” I share how Rebeka’s smile, that small act of kindness to a stranger, was the catalyst that changed so many lives. I’ll trace many acts of kindness and how they impacted Rebeka, our family, and people in the US and Africa. Kids will be inspired as they realize they are capable of changing lives, too, with something as simple as a smile. This presentation is great for all ages.

Writing Strong Like a Butterfly

Through pictures and video you’ll learn about Rwanda, how Rebeka’s story and my story came together, and how we co-wrote a book an ocean away.

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Extreme Makeover: A Revision Case Study

Best for high school students or adult writers, I’ll cover seven types of revision, using Her Own Two Feet as a case study to inspire writers to strive for the very best version of their own stories.

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All presentations includes a seven minute video where Rebeka gives us a tour of her school and home, and answers reader’s questions. Here’s a preview!