The Next Adventure

Although my last post was from August 2014, that doesn’t mean nothing has happened in the past two and three quarter years. Alayna has weathered the college years with great success and looks forward to studying abroad this fall in France and graduating from A&M next spring.


Nate just graduated high school and is taking twelve hours this summer and another full load in the fall at ACC with the hope of transferring into UT in January. His playlist is diverse, his friends are plentiful, and he makes a mean omelet.

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Photo credit: Courtney Cope


Benji has grown, he is no longer a tiny little guy but taller than both Alayna and me. He’s into acting, and soccer, and friends, and he’ll be driving a stick shift by the end of the summer.


Photo credit: Courtney Cope

Clay still works at LiveAnew, plays some golf, and is currently growing extremely hot habanero peppers at a rapid rate. He is my biggest fan and my best friend, we recently celebrated 24 years of marriage and adventuring together.

I am still writing stories for children, and for the last few years I’ve also had the opportunity to be part of the Austin Stone Story Team. I’ve learned how to interview and I’ve worked with some amazing editors. It’s been awesome to see my stories come full circle as they make their way into the world.

There will be some particularly interesting “stories in the street” in the coming months and years. It seems adventures come in cycles for the Davis family. In 2007-08 we traveled around the world for nine and a half months. In 2012 we hosted Rebeka from Rwanda for almost a year while she had surgeries on her feet.

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When Rebeka returned home we started asking ourselves what our next adventure would be. I don’t mean to say that we do these things for the sake of having an adventure, but it’s what ends up happening when we say yes to big things. It took a while for the path to materialize, but here we are in 2017, our path strewn with diapers and pacifiers alongside diplomas and driving permits. The Davises are stepping into foster care, willing to take a baby for a day or a year, maybe two. It is a world just as foreign and strange as Morocco or Vietnam. A world of plastic, vibrating bassinets and tiny tubes used to suck boogers from teeny noses (I refuse), a world of massive paperwork and massive heartache, a world that is broken and filled with everyday heroes. I hope to tell you about some of them here. These are the kinds of stories where real names can’t be shared, and pictures can’t be posted. I hope I can do them justice.

I’m also traveling to Rwanda solo in June 23rd to interview Rebeka and her family for a book I’m working on. There are many adventures ahead, and many in the rearview mirror. Stay tuned for more stories in the street.


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  1. Sharen Eggleston

    Yay!! I’m so glad to see you have picked back up with Stories In The Street. Love, love, love reading about your “adventures”.

  2. Leslie Erfurt

    Love to see you are starting to blog again Mer! I’ve missed reading your updates

  3. Susan McAlinden

    YEA! This is a great day – when you start blogging again! I look forward to hearing about your fostering adventure!

  4. Jerri Romine

    Welcome, “back”! Your stories and life and generosity-of-spirit are such an inspiration to me!!! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and your very self with the world.

  5. jerriromine

    Welcome “back”!!!! Your stories and life and generosity-of-spirit are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and your very self with the world. Can’t wait to read on . . .

  6. Paige

    Love hearing about your life, Meredith! So glad you’re reviving your blog. I’ll be thinking about you on Friday when you travel to Rwanda. I know you’ll come home with lots of new stories to share . . . Safe travels!


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