The Honduran White Tent Bat, and a Number

The word “Honduras” jumps out at me these days from the most random places. The other day, I was reading an interview on Cynthia Leitich Smith’s excellent blog Cynsations. Kate Hosford was interviewing author Laura Purdie Salas, as part of her Celebrating Poetry series.

One particular answer from the interview really captured my attention. Salas says, “I came across the poem I wrote about Honduran tent bats, these tiny cotton balls of bats that huddle along the spine of a large leaf frond. They chew through the leaf’s ribs so that the fronds of the leaf collapse around them like a tent and shelter them from rain and predators.” I immediately got myself over to Bookpeople to get a copy of Salas’ book A Leaf Can Be.


I had to see what these little Honduran White Bat creatures look like. Steel yourself . . . major squealing cuteness alert.

Image Image

And now steel yourself for more squealing. We got another number this morning and scooted up in line, shuffling along behind #54 and in front of #56.

Image Image

I wonder who they are, these other people in line? I wonder who SHE is, this little girl that will become our daughter? And mostly I wonder, and worry, about what’s happening to her right now.

Honduran White Tent Bats are about the size of a large marshmallow, the kind you use for s’mores. They can’t have much of a brain, but instinct has taught them what they need to do to protect themselves. I pray the same is true for our little girl. I pray some part of her knows how to beguile her caretaker. Some part of her knows how to hunker down and wait, snuggled up like a little white bat in the center of a sheltering leaf. I pray protection over her sweet self, until we can come for her. I pray these verses, Psalm 121:1-8.

And then I sing for joy for #55, and all the numbers to follow.

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      Congrats! We are hoping to hear about another wait list number. What agency are you guys with? I’m sure you must be so excited!

  1. abwestrick

    I love this idea that your daughter is hunkering down right now… waiting for the love coming her way… Babies are so much tougher than we sometimes give them credit for. And prayer provides a wonderful foundation…

  2. abwestrick

    I love this image of your daughter hunkering down right now, waiting for the love that is coming her way. Babies are so much stronger than we sometimes give them credit for. And prayer provides such a firm foundation… So excited you’ve moved to #55!

  3. Susan

    Trusting in His covering over your precious little one and rejoicing with you in the countdown!


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