When I was little, I always wanted a gargantuan stuffed animal, so when I saw that Costco had giant bears for $30 each, I was tempted. For the boys, of course.

We had our nephew in town, and I thought it would be the perfect party favor to send him home with. My sister would be thrilled (heh, heh, heh . . .) I couldn’t resist. In the store, my nephew carried his on his shoulders, while the boys stuffed theirs into a shopping cart. You should have seen the looks we got. Huge smiles, looks of longing, little kids pointing, and this one girl who gave her boyfriend a meaningful look and said, I’ve always wanted a giant bear.” I wanted to tell everyone, “Just do it. Buy the bear. It’s thirty bucks of fluffy love- you can’t beat that!”


Three boys and their bears

We buckled all three of those bad boys into my back seat.

Now we’re home and the bears have joined the family. We lounge on them. They lie alongside the boy’s beds and sit with us on the couch when we watch a movie. Those giant bears make no logical sense. I can’t tell you why they make me so happy. I loved my sister’s reaction when we pulled that giant bear out of the car to send home with her. “You did NOT do this, this is a joke, you’re joking . . .” All for the bargain price of $30.

Growing a tomato plant may not have made a whole lot of sense either, when I could buy them from the grocery store. I had to water it every day, worry about bugs and birds, and haul it out to the lake for the summer where I killed a patch of grass in the protected courtyard just to keep it safe from the deer. Despite the illogical, my tomato plant has given me great joy. The tomatoes have been hearty and plentiful. We’ve had tomato and mozzarella salads, tomato sauce, and plain old tomatoes with salt sprinkled on them.

Our adoption may not seem to make a whole heck of a lot of sense. We’ve spent hours and hours filling out paperwork, often redundant. We’ve worried and rushed and mailed, and dreamed. At the end of 3 and a half months, we’ve almost got our paperwork complete. Still no little girl in sight. We have one more letter we’re waiting on, something we have to go to Houston to get. Then we’ll bundle it all up and mail it to Honduras to be translated. Then approved. And then we’ll be on the list. Looks like next spring before we see our little girl. Totally illogical, and yet a total thrill, to imagine what life will be like. For now, I’ll lounge on the bear and dream about the day when we get her picture, travel to Honduras, and hold our baby girl.

5 Responses to “Teddy”

  1. Steph

    I totally love those bears! And the boys willing to carry them out of the store. 😉

  2. Leslie (little sis)

    YES, the bears were totally illogical! We already have a gargantuan minnie mouse that santa brought to little Claire. We now have a ginormous bear alongside her. Thanks Mer! My revenge will be unexpected and fabulous 🙂
    On another note, we wait expectantly to meet this baby girl that God knew was hand picked just for your family. It may not make sense to someone on the outside, but it makes complete sense for those of us who know that you and Clay have prayed long and hard about this decision. He made his plan clear for your family and that makes perfect sense to me. Can’t wait to shower her with hugs and kisses, and maybe a gargantuan stuffed animal!

  3. Jerri Romine

    I love big stuffed animals, too! We have a “Big Bear” (really original name, but, it fits, you know?) in my classroom (well, not actually IN my classroom, he lives in a closet in a friend’s home.) Big Bear comes to play when we have “Bear Day.” He’s the life of the party! (And now, I know where to go if Big Bear ever “moves.”) (Which reminds me, Meredith. Are your boys still playing with those action figures we talked about a while back? 🙂 ) Great post!


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