She Did It

At 9:15 Tuesday night, May 21, 2013, Rebeka Uwitonze crossed our self-imposed finish line in front of Kate’s house. She did it. She walked one mile!

I had a vision of how it would be. First, we’d know it was going to happen. She’d have gone .8 the day before, so we’d know she was ready to go the whole way. It would be daylight, way better for pictures. I’d have alerted neighbors and friends so they could all be there cheering for her at the finish line and it would be this glorious, teary-eyed moment. Kind of like when you get flowers and present them to your girl when she finishes her big dance performance of the year.


After dinner last night when we got out of the car and I told Rebeka to wait on the sidewalk so we could get a quick walk in before bedtime, I had no idea it was going to be THE day. She started off strong, walking fast, and smiling. It was cool outside. Alayna caught up to us and decided to try and “lunge it,” a new strategy in which we, too, get a workout by lunging along Rebeka’s slow stride. I said something like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we went all the way to Kate’s house and rung her doorbell and surprised her?” and Rebeka was all, “Let’s do it!”

We were still at .1 and I wasn’t sure if the enthusiasm or energy would last. Before last night the farthest she’d gone was .7, and that about did her in, sweating with shaky legs. Plus now she had a cast, and the farthest she’d gone was .4. Still, I was game to try if she was. I told Alayna we were going a mile and challenged her if she could lunge all the way to Kate’s house, I’d give her $100.

The lunges slowed Alayna down considerably, so slow Rebeka could catch her, give her a swat on the booty, and then pass her up. This game of chase motivated Rebeka like no other. Leaving Alayna in her dust, so far back on the sidewalk we had to yell to be heard, was exhilarating, and Rebeka didn’t stop for her first rest until .3. She was going strong, and by .5 I was beginning to think she could really do it. She was sweating pretty hard by .6, and it was full-on dark, but she was determined and so were we. Alayna gave up efforts at a one mile lunge all the way back at .2, but every time Rebeka stopped to rest, Alayna would start lunging again to get ahead, and we’d give chase.

It occurred to me that Kate’s family may be getting ready for bed, and we better call Clay because he’d definitely want to be part of all this. I began to wonder if we’d done this all wrong. It was too dark for good pictures and there were not nearly enough cheering fans for such a momentous occasion. Alayna called Clay and he hoofed it with the boys in my car so they could see her walk the final .2. We called The Allen’s and Kate showed up on her bike to cheer. Rebeka rested a couple times. She was breathing hard, sweating, and her legs were shaky, but once we were just a couple houses away she gave it a final burst of energy. Alayna whispered something to Kate who went running into her house while the rest of us lined up on either side of the sidewalk and cheered and clapped.

Kate came back with a long line of toilet paper, we stretched it across the street, and Rebeka broke through, victorious. We swarmed her. And it was a glorious, teary-eyed moment, despite the lack of more cheering fans or better cameras or daylight. It was just right after all. I’ll include a video on Facebook, but here are some dark-ish pictures.

photo 1photo 2photo 5photo 4

8 Responses to “She Did It”

  1. Leslie

    So proud! Way to go Rebeka! I think it’s perfect just the way it happened!

  2. jessicastoreydils

    Wow!!! I’ve been following right alongside you — loving every single post, and loving what you’ve all done for Rebeka. Hooray for all of you — and for keeping us all on the edge of our seats anticipating this glorious moment. xoxo

  3. Erin Wolf

    Love this, Sweet Meredith!!! What a beautiful story — so very proud of ALL of you!!

    And we got to be a small part of that — it was exciting to see her cruising along last night; she had that look of determination on her face. What a JOY!!!

    Love you all, Erin

  4. Lindsey Lane

    You know, Mere…I’m so glad you wrote this down. I saw the video on Facebook and I felt proud then but to go down the whole street with you, word by word, well, I’m cheering and tearing.

  5. Karmin

    I’m a friend-of-a-friend, and I’ve been following the blog for several months now, quietly cheering her on. This is just amazing, a miracle in many ways, and brought years to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your (her) journey.

    Praise The Lord from whom all blessings flow! May He continue to heal her, give peace and comfort to your family while you care for her, patience to her family as they await her triumphant return, and wisdom to the doctors as they complete her care.


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