Peace Like a River

His name is River, and we are enchanted. Ever since our grandson came into this world on April 8th, my world of walking the dog and editing my manuscript and answering emails and doing basic daily tasks has faded next to the primary goal of when I can get myself back to the River. Leon Bridge’s lyrics repeat . . . take me to your River, I wanna go . . .
Alayna, my daughter now a mother, spent most of her childhood growing up next to the Colorado River (though it’s called Lake Austin since it’s dammed up at both ends). Now Clay and I live beside a river once again, though this time it’s called Lady Bird Lake. Maybe that’s why I like his name so much. Or maybe his name could have been Horace Fankfurter Fartsalot and I would have been just as enchanted because just look at this boy.
Back when the kids were little and we lived by the river, I remember how quiet it could be on weekday mornings, the light filtering through the cypress trees. We made a mug for our neighbors one year for Christmas with pictures taken out our back door, and included a lyric from a beautiful hymn, Peace Like a River.
I feel that same peace when I’m holding this little guy. As I write this, little River Davis Choi is only a week old, and I have to say, he is one peaceful little boy. Fill him up with his Mama’s good milk . . .
. . . make sure his diaper is clean, and he is content. There is so much new to encounter. Clothes to wear (so exhausting) and dogs to meet, but he takes them all in stride with very little fuss.
I’ve been blogging here since 2011 (and at our Faces in the Street site in 2007-08). That’s a lot of stories, some the big, splashy kind and some the sweet, quiet kind. There’s our trip around the world with the kids, that time I grew some pretty great tomatoes, our year with Rebeka, the foster babies, Her Own Two Feet, two beautiful weddings, favorite books I’ve read, and now River. He’s our once upon a time, the beginning of a most wonderful story and I can’t wait to find out what’s next. But I’m also quite content to hold him on these first few pages of his life, while he stares at the world in wonder and dozes and coos. He makes me peaceful like a river.

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  1. Jess Dils

    Oh, Meredith….thank you for sharing River and for the peace it brings me today, too. There is so much love and good and “once upon a time” waiting and blooming and hoping in this broken world. Congratulations to you all—and just keep holding that sweet, peaceful baby tight. xoxo jess

    • Meredith Davis

      Thank you. As I hold him I am reminded of all we have to be thankful for, and grieve for the mothers in Ukraine and around the world who crave peace. It is a precious gift.

  2. Deanne

    What a beautiful tribute to your precious grandson! He is beautiful. And I’m really glad his name isn’t Fartsalot.

    I still have the same coffee mug and drink from it almost every other day!! Along with the Rebeka mug! Thanks for enriching all our lives with your beautiful, growing family.

    • Meredith Davis

      Yes, River is the better choice for names, ha! And I love my Rebeka mug, too-love sharing life with you!

  3. Erin

    Love your sharing the wonders of precious River with us! Congratulations to your sweet family!! 💗


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