No Autographs, Please

DSC_0044We had an appointment yesterday to take Rebeka’s old cast off, and put a new one on. We were told it could be on for two to four weeks. Rebeka was kind of bummed because she envisioned herself being able to walk by Easter, so she could do an Easter egg hunt on her own two feet. I tried to cheer her up as I put her in the car to go to our appointment, telling her, “The cast you get today will probably be your last one.” We were all a little nervous about taking her cast off. We all remembered how bad it hurt last time.

When we went in, the doctor said if Rebeka wasn’t too sensitive when we took her cast off, he wouldn’t put another cast on. What? Really? My heart started beating double time. There were already some tears on Rebeka’s cheeks before the technician ever touched the foot, she was scared. But when Clay and I heard “no cast” we were pumped. We just had to get Rebeka through the hard part. The technician was ever so gentle. He stopped ever now and then from unwrapping to let her rest and regain composure.

And when it was all off, and we saw that beautiful foot, she reached down and touched it through her tears. And then she touched it some more. This was HUGE as she wouldn’t even set her heel down when we took the cast off her left foot. The nurse brought in some wipies and Rebeka cleaned her foot well, exploring all the new scars and wiping off dead skin. She even got between her toes. It was a deal, no more casts! (And no more autographs, sorry guys! Rebeka’s graffiti leg is done.)

And so, presenting Rebeka’s two new flat feet:

DSC_0041She is eager to begin trying to walk with her walker. She has a boot she’ll wear for the next three weeks on her right foot, while we wait for the swelling to go down. Then she’ll get an AFO (brace) like the one she wears on her left foot. The doctor said we should let Rebeka be barefoot more often, feeling the world on her toes, and becoming less sensitive. We are so thrilled, so blessed, and so ready for that Easter egg hunt!




15 Responses to “No Autographs, Please”

  1. Mom

    WOW! So excited for Rebeka and all of you! Can’t wait to have you all hear for Easter and see her enjoy that CRAZY scavenger hunt/egg hunt!


    Such an amazing story…and visual in the photo. A total picture of God’s endless mercy and grace in action. So many lives knit into one big miracle!! I remember praying for all of you when I first met you and thinking…oh my, this will take a miracle because you told me the “drs odds” on this working…it was 10%. It’s truly miraculous that it worked so well and that Rebekah has blossomed over these months in your home. SOOOOO inspirational to all of us.

  3. Lisa Perry

    Just read through the latest posts and it brought tears of joy…what a blessing that you guys have encouraged Rebeka to experience all that she can while she is here. I love the thought of her telling stories back home. I imagine they won’t believe it! 🙂 I feel blessed to have gotten to meet her sweet, brave family. They sent their daughter to unknown place…that took so much faith and courage. Wish I could be a fly on the wall to witness her homecoming!

  4. Sue McAlinden

    That is the most amazing post, and how funny that it timed almost perfectly with Jesus’ resurrection – Rebeka’s new feet and our new chance at life. What a GREAT story, Meredith!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gayle

    Wonderful! What a beautiful answer to prayer and a beautiful smile. We love you all.

  6. Louise Davis

    Thnaks for sharing with us. God does work in marvelous ways and Rebeka is proof of that. Love you Rebeka and so glad you will be able to hunt those easter eggs. Love, GG

  7. mary fenner

    this has been such an amazing story to follow. it always warms my heart. thank you for sharing it. you are a remarkable family to love this little girl with all your heart knowing one day she will leave you and go home . that is for sure a love created by God Bless you all.


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