I’m a big fan of haikus. Maybe because they’re short. Maybe because when you have to write short, you take shortcuts to meaning in interesting ways. Maybe because when I was pregnant I got a big kick out of Haiku Mama by Kari Anne Roy, who made me laugh and cry with just 17 syllables. Still one of the best new mom gifts ever.

Why the haiku talk? I have come across a new love: haikubes. Okay, a totally dorky writerly thing, but they are FUN. You roll all these cubes with random words on them, and then you make a haiku.

Three lines. Five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables. Then to make things really exciting, you roll the two cubes with red lettering on them and they give you a theme to write on.

The other night I had to fight Clay off my cubes. I was working on a good one, but had to leave the kitchen. I came back later to find this.

Okay, so he cheated and the second line has 8 syllables. Did that keep me from being weepy? No, my friends. For those who can’t read it from the picture, it says:

Wild heart watching waste

Desperate love through many places

My baby girl home.

Just a day after posting my last blog entry, we heard that Honduras had fired the two top dogs in INFHA, the government organization that handles international adoption in the country. We know this means delays. Reorganization. A certain amount of chaos. It could mean lots of things. Our hope and prayer is that it means things will eventually get better. That it will get easier to take a child out of an orphanage and give them a home.

For now, we wait. We wait for our number, still. We wait for our baby girl. What does Clay want? I want? All of us want? “My baby girl home.” Five syllables says it all. I couldn’t resist adding my commentary on Clay’s haiku:


3 Responses to “Haikubes”

  1. Jerri Romine

    wow. one things for sure: your baby is and always will be home in your hearts. maybe the changes will somehow speed up the process? one can hope! peace, jerri

  2. Erin Wolf

    Praying praying praying!! Isn’t it amazing how she is already yours?! Love how the Lord works. And we will pray that will speed the process up somehow! God is so much bigger than any re-org!! Love to you all!!


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