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Storytime: Kindness

I recently had a friend text me asking if I had any suggestions for books on kindness. Her boy and some friends were excluding some kids at school and she wanted to address it now, tenderize his heart. I have so much admiration for her vulnerability, and her acknowledgement that a powerful way to impact… Read more »

Storytime: Superheroes!

This is a special bonus newsletter featuring picture books with superheroes or superpowers or super hair or super notebooks. Why a special bonus newsletter? Because  THE MINOR MIRACLE: THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF NOAH MINOR comes out in just three weeks! I’m super excited to share this book that explores where we get our worth, what… Read more »

Storytime: Patience

Spring seems like a fine time to share some picture books about waiting. Is there a more perfect example of good things coming to those who wait than waiting for an egg to hatch? Unless it’s waiting for a seed to sprout, or waiting for that seed to sprout and grow into a tree so… Read more »

Storytime: Love 2.0

Last year I did a round up of love picture books that I’ll now call Love 1.0. Some were specifically meant for Valentine’s and some showed what love looks like any day of the year. But there are so many more picture books to love about love! And what better month to celebrate this fruit of… Read more »

Storytime: Peace

There’s lots of ways to look at peace, and when you find it, you know it is sweet fruit indeed. There’s the peaceful repose of a dog sprawled out on the bed . . . . . . and the kind of peace that connects people and places. I think reading a picture book is… Read more »

Storytime: Joy

Years ago, when my daughter went to summer camp she learned a song about the fruits of the spirit. “The fruit of the spirit’s not a coconut!” she’d yell, and rap on her head with her knuckles while clucking her tongue like it was hollow. And “the fruit of the spirit’s not a papaya!” and… Read more »

Storytime: Christmas II

  My favorite Christmas decorations are the picture books that sit on a top shelf most of the year, waiting for their moment to be put face out for a month (or two). If you’re interested in last year’s list of Christmas favorites, check my picks out here. And keep reading to see this year’s, from… Read more »

Storytime: Gratitude

In this season of giving thanks, I’ve chosen some books you may not expect to see face out in November. If you’re looking for books about pie or pumpkins or the Macy’s Day Parade, go here. This month’s picks may not come to mind on a top ten list of “books about gratitude.” This gives… Read more »

Storytime: “Scary”

While doing an author visit recently, sharing my middle grade book Her Own Two Feet with middle school and elementary kids (coauthored with Rebeka Uwitonze), I asked the kids what kind of books they liked, and a lot of them said, “scary.” This was confirmed by the librarians, and the size of the “scary books” section on the… Read more »

Storytime: Baby Animals

We recently took a trip to Colorado and while heading to the rental lot to drop off our car, we encountered a scene straight out of Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings. Mama duck was leading her babies down a busy street to a busier intersection and it was both adorable and terrifying (don’t worry, they made… Read more »