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Storytime: The World

I recently did school visits in eighteen different elementary schools in Richardson, Texas. At each one, I shared the story of Rebeka Uwitonze, my coauthor for Her Own Two Feet: A Rwanda Girl’s Brave Fight to Walk. What I realized as I shared was that many of these children were first or second generation immigrants from… Read more »

Storytime: Love

Whether your sweetheart is a tiny toddler in your lap, the kid across the aisle in homeroom, your child, your dog, your date, your mate . . . these books about love are the perfect excuse to cozy up and share some time together. Love, Splat by Rob Scotton Splat is such a great character. I love… Read more »

Storytime: Courage

There are so many books that can be read about courage, and so many reasons kids (and adults) need them. These are just a few of the ones that capture my heart and inspire me. Pablo by Rascal This is a simple, odd book, and it’s about so much more than a chick hatching out of a… Read more »

Storytime: Christmas

I love seasonal books, maybe because I only take them out once a year and they go along with so many memories of family gathered and good meals. In December, they beckon me to slow down in the midst of busyness. I put as many as I can face out, setting them against the spines… Read more »

Storytime: Thanksgiving

To see summaries of the five Thanksgiving books, scroll to the bottom of this post. If you have a couple minutes . . . I’m finding so much to be grateful for these days. Sunsets. The most precious grandbaby in the whole wide world. Tater tots and books, a library and bookstore within walking distance,… Read more »

Storytime: Be Yourself

To see summaries of the five books we used to talk about being yourself, scroll to the bottom of this post. If you have a couple minutes . . . I envisioned doing storytime posts once a month this summer, but here we are in July and here I am with my first summertime storytime… Read more »

Storytime: Be Wise

To see summaries of the five books we used to talk about being wise, scroll to the bottom of this post. If you have a couple minutes . . . it’s almost summer! Just look at this beaut of a sunflower, insisting we take note. And even though I’m not a slave to a school… Read more »

Storytime: Feelings

It is so easy to find picture books that go along with the theme of FEELINGS (scroll down to find reviews for this week’s picks). Maybe because it’s something we deal with every day as humans and so it resonates with authors and illustrators. Kids have a hard time hiding their feelings, like when they… Read more »

Storytime: Mothers

This week, our story time books all have mothers in them, frustrated moms and brave moms, comforting and visionary moms, and one mom who smells like roses and is waiting on the doorstep with a kiss for her little boy. To go straight to the summaries of the books, scroll down. I’m going to pause… Read more »

Storytime: Family

This week’s storytime is brought to you by books about family. Four of the five books are about siblings and one of them is a really cool book about an aunt (not ant) farm. It’s hilarious! I recently found out my three grown kids have been doing a sibling zoom call once a week or… Read more »