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Storytime: Patience

Spring seems like a fine time to share some picture books about waiting. Is there a more perfect example of good things coming to those who wait than waiting for an egg to hatch? Unless it’s waiting for a seed to sprout, or waiting for that seed to sprout and grow into a tree so… Read more »

Interview with Illustrator Billy Yong

I have the great pleasure of sharing an interview with The Minor Miracle’s talented illustrator, Billy Yong with you, such a thrill. I first connected with Billy through his work while looking for my “dream illustrator.” It was a privilege to get to be part of the search, and when I saw Billy’s work on… Read more »

Butterflies and Superpowers

I find myself in a unique position these days. I am in the thick of revisions for the second book in The Amazing Adventures of Noah Minor series (THE MINOR RESCUE), while preparing for the launch of THE MINOR MIRACLE on May 7th. Both of these tasks, revising and launching, require me to figure out… Read more »

Tracing the Threads

Four months before my second book, THE MINOR MIRACLE comes out (May, 2024), I am excited to start sharing all the stories behind this story. Before this book ever got a contract, threads began weaving together to pave a way to THE MINOR MIRACLE’s publication. I could go way back to 2012, when Rebeka Uwitonze… Read more »

Storytime: Home

Moving in June, 2023, put me in the mood to find some good picture books about homes. Our new house is graced with porches front and back and chock full of built-in bookshelves for ALL the books, so the hands will never be empty while rocking on said porches. Whether you’re moving or you’re all… Read more »

What I’ve Learned from River

I’ve had the privilege and joy of watching my grandson, River, twice a week for the past few months as Alayna went back to work part time. In a shameless display of grandmotherly picture sharing, I give you ten things I’ve learned from River lately: It’s okay if your hair looks funny. It makes people… Read more »

Storytime: Christmas

I love seasonal books, maybe because I only take them out once a year and they go along with so many memories of family gathered and good meals. In December, they beckon me to slow down in the midst of busyness. I put as many as I can face out, setting them against the spines… Read more »

Bookshelf: The Field

I discovered this book, written by Baptiste Paul and illustrated by Jacqueline Alcántara October 2019 at a USBBY (United States Board on Books for Young People) conference where there were people from all over the United States and abroad. It was a fitting to place to find a story set on a Caribbean island, about… Read more »

Storytime: Thanksgiving

To see summaries of the five Thanksgiving books, scroll to the bottom of this post. If you have a couple minutes . . . I’m finding so much to be grateful for these days. Sunsets. The most precious grandbaby in the whole wide world. Tater tots and books, a library and bookstore within walking distance,… Read more »

Bananagrams and Revision

If you’re not a writer, maybe you think this post isn’t for you, but I would argue that everyone revises. For writers, it happens on the page all the time, but for humans, we revise our plans and our lives every time we encounter change. Sometimes the change is self-inflicted. I revised what I thought… Read more »