The Minor Miracle:

The Amazing Adventures of Noah Minor

Penguin Random House, May 7, 2024

Coming May 7, 2024

THE MINOR MIRACLE is a fiction middle grade by Meredith Davis and illustrated by amazingly talented Billy Yong. It is the story of Noah Minor, who was dropped sixteen stories when he was a baby and survived without a scratch. Newspapers called him a “Minor Miracle,” but at age twelve, Noah feels far from miraculous. All his life he’s wondered and dreamed about how he survived, obsessed with superheroes and secretly hoping he is one. But twelve years later, all he feels is ordinary, unlike his two best friends who have climbed the ranks at their middle school and are recognized for their achievements.

There are over 50 illustrations in the book-meet Haley and Rodney!

The book opens the day Noah takes an “ordinary” vision test at school and discovers he’s a gravitar. He can control gravity. Or at least, he can once Gravitas trains him. He also finds out that his long-lost great uncle, Saul Minor, is one of Gravitas’s most wanted criminals. But when Saul shows up in his kitchen, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy. He tells Noah he’s capable of far more than Gravitas imagines.

Who should Noah trust? He wants to believe his uncle, but he has trouble getting, and eventually controlling, his powers. Things are not what they seem, and Noah will come to realize the extraordinary power of friendship. The superhero quote, “With great power comes great responsibility,” has always been one of Noah’s favorites. As he finally accesses his incredible power, he’ll be called to make the biggest sacrifices of his life.

Those who read HER OWN TWO FEET will notice some major differences in these two books. The biggest would be that Rebeka, my coauthor and main character of our book, is a real person! Noah is fictional, and yet, these two characters have something in common. They’re both superheroes!! Rebeka can’t fly or shoot webs from her wrists, and  Noah is told he doesn’t have superpowers, either. “A gravitar’s abilities are possible because of science-not the bite of a radioactive spider, some magic ring, or any other superhero hocus-pocus.”

And yet, Noah can control gravity. He can pull himself to the ceiling and ring the bell in Gravitas class. And he can pull a bully at school off his feet when he’s messing with his best friend.

While this is an obvious superpower, Noah will also learn that friendship, perseverance, and courage are super powers. Rebeka’s ability to overcome adversity, fight fear and embrace life, no matter the limitations, are powerful reminders that we can all be superheroes. THE MINOR MIRACLE threads Noah’s extraordinary abilities into his ordinary days, just as Rebeka’s extraordinary journey to recovery was laced with many seemingly mundane tasks. She had to learn to walk again, step by step, and Noah will need to learn how to use his newfound powers with both humility and courage, step by step.

I look forward to celebrating the superhero in all of us! Whether at school visits or on my website, it is good to lift each other up and shine a light on what makes us unique.




When I was a kid, there was a robot slide on the playground near my house. I put that extraordinary slide in THE MINOR MIRACLE.

I went on a pilgrimage to find the last one standing in Texas, and as I watched the kids swarming all over it, I wanted to tell shy and “ordinary” twelve-year-old me that I was extraordinary, capable of doing great things. I’d tell you the same.

With great power comes great responsibility. I don’t take this gift of a second book lightly. It is another opportunity to have a voice, perhaps the greatest gift of all. Here’s to reaching many more kids, making new friends and noticing all the minor miracles in our lives. This book is surely one of mine. I am so grateful for all the people and places that led me here.


Penguin Random House, May 7, 2024


“The Minor Miracle has everything! Superheroes, bad guys, epic trumpet solos, slam dunks, and hilarious hijinks galore. It will make your heart ZING!”

—Max Brallier, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Last Kids on Earth

“The Minor Miracle is major fun! Noah and his super crew may stretch the laws of physics with their fantastic feats, but it’s the friendships that give this story its true power. You will find yourself rooting for Noah—and laughing out loud—all the way!”

Christina Soontornvat, three time Newbery Honoree, author The Last Mapmaker and The Tryout

In a plot filled with twists and turns, readers will discover the same thing Noah does—that superheroism isn’t always about saving the world using extraordinary powers. Sometimes it’s about saving your best friends, and that requires the most amazing power of all: love. That alone is a miracle.”

Kathi Appelt, Newbery Honoree and National Book Award finalist, author of The Underneath

“A fresh, fun, and fantastic take on what it means to be a superhero!”

—Cynthia Leitich Smith, award-winning NYT bestselling author, Ancestor Approved and Sisters of the Neversea

“The Spy Kids meets X-Men —Humor, heart, and super heroics – along with some great life lessons – await young readers.”

Reading is my Superpower