Macy's Parade

MINOR MIRACLE is middle grade fiction about friendship, superpowers, and the extraordinary ordinary. The thing that made me excited was writing a story that would make a reader think, “Hey, I take an eye test at school every year. What if it actually is a government test to identify kids who can manipulate gravity? What if I’m a gravitar?”

Nobody knows how toddler Noah Minor survived a fall from a sixteenth story balcony onto a New York City street the night before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, least of all, 13-year-old Noah himself. Noah, who has pretended and hoped and dreamed he is some sort of hero his whole life, worries his finest hour happened when he was still in diapers. When he is told he is a gravitar, with the ability to manipulate gravity, he’s certain this is his chance to be something more than ordinary.