HEALING TREE is middle grade fiction about friendship, sisterhood and the power of creativity.

Kit dreads spending her summer in the hospital where her big sister, Beth, is receiving chemo. She’s just the twelve-year-old little sister who keeps getting in the way, until she discovers a strange boy on a locked and deserted corridor. With a mystery to solve she has a story to share with Beth that takes her mind off her treatments. But in Kit’s attempt to help, the boy’s brain swells so much with facts that it cracks his skull. At the same time, Beth encounters complications and is rushed off with a team of doctors. Kit finds hope and answers in the hospital’s healing garden, where art is made from recycled trash and regurgitated facts become stories worth sharing.

The story was borne from all my time in the hospital with Rebeka, the experiences of family friends and their daughter’s struggle with leukemia, and a strange dream I had about a boy with a brain swollen so full of facts it cracked his skull. HEALING TREE is one part fairy tale, a dose of mystery, and a prescription for finding joy in the everyday, even with life’s continual and harsh uncertainties.