The Minor Miracle: The Amazing Adventures of Noah Minor

The Minor Miracle centers on 12-year-old Noah Minor who, the night before the Macy’s Day Parade, mysteriously survived a sixteen-story fall as a baby. When he’s twelve, he learns he can manipulate gravity during a standard vision test. He also finds out his uncle, the one who’s been gone twelve years, dropped him off that balcony when he was a baby. As he uses and abuses his powers, he’ll have to choose who to trust: Gravitas, a secret government agency, or their most wanted, his uncle.

The Minor Miracle will come out in May 2024, published by WaterBrook, an imprint of Penguin/Random House, with book two following in 2025.

The story behind the story is that I first met my Waterbrook editor, Bunmi Ishola, in Rwanda while doing research for Her Own Two Feet. She was a teacher at the time, and is acknowledged at the end of that book for her help reading an early version and providing valuable feedback. A few years later, Bunmi moved into publishing. I worked on several manuscripts after Her Own Two Feet sold, and I was thrilled to reconnect with her when The Minor Miracle sold to Waterbrook! It is another book with heart and a strong character. I can’t seem to stop writing about heroic kids, both real and imagined, and I can’t wait for you all to meet Noah Minor.

Her Own Two Feet: A Rwandan Girl's Brave Fight to Walk

Based on a true story, Rebeka Uwitonze left her family and came to America for surgery on her club feet at age nine. After thirty-one casts and fifty-eight hospital visits, Rebeka returned to her family in Rwanda walking on her own two feet, a different girl inside and out.


“…the authors sensitively convey Uwitonze’s wealth of strength through adversity and the familial love…that helped her navigate her experience.”

– Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

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