About Meredith Davis

Meredith Davis is the co-author of HER OWN TWO FEET: A RWANDAN GIRL’S BRAVE FIGHT TO WALK (Scholastic, 2019). She once worked at an independent children’s bookstore, started the Austin Chapter of SCBWI, and earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults at VCFA. She is married with three children and lives with a home full of books in Austin, Texas.

Fun Facts

  • I read a copy of the first Harry Potter before it was released in the US (there were lots of perks to working in a bookstore, and one was getting advance reader copies of upcoming books!).
  • I cannot whistle, but I can touch my tongue to the tip of my nose.
  • The only green vegetable I ate when I was a kid was canned green beans.
  • When I was young I was allergic to grass and cheese. I would get shots once a week at home, and I would always hide in the same spot, and my parents would always find me, and I always got my shot.
  • My grandparents had a pet deer at their farm named Bambi that followed us around like a dog. When she got older she jumped the picket fence, but she would come back to visit. She even brought her twins!
  • When I was young and my mom told me to go outside because I’d been reading inside all day, I would take my book outside and read in the sunshine.
  • One time my aunt had cookies and she asked my cousins and me to say the magic word. Everyone else yelled “please,” but I yelled “spaghetti!” I still got a cookie, and I never forgot the magic word again.
  • I didn’t have a passport until I was 36 years old, and I got 35 different country stamps in it before I’d had it a year.
  • I squirt whipped cream on my coffee every morning.
  • I love to read. I even read while I floss my teeth every night, holding my book open with my toes.

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